My story

Hi, my name is Riten 👋

I’m based out of a small town in Northeast India known as Agartala, currently living in Bangalore. I am a computer science engineer currently full time into building Fueler and other side projects you will love.

I have been into freelancing for more than 4 years, worked with 70+ brands throughout the world. Freelancing and consultation has allowed me to study businesses inside out. It has helped me learn about processes, product/service cycle, team building, operations, and a lot more. 4 of the products I have consulted went on to raise venture funding.


I come from an unconventional background trying to do something in the field of entrepreneurship. My life has been highly influenced by the military forces, since my father is in military forces. So because of this, I was fortunate to travel, meet and live with folks from different cultural backgrounds. It has taught me a lot about leadership, empathy, decision-making, discipline, and sacrifices. All these have shaped my core values and principle for any kind of endeavor I’m a part of.

I have been a studious kid throughout my school years until I joined college. College years have been a key turning point in my life as I discovered what entrepreneurship is all about. Life might not always offer you the best but you gotta make the best out of everything and make your way. I believe life will always offer you lego bricks. Now it's you who make the craft out of it. The only way to build an unfair advantage for yourself is by playing the single-player game. A game where you spread the win and own the failures.

Two things that have helped me become what I’m today: Books and the Internet. I derive inspiration from three important things in my life - Military, Sports, and Entrepreneurship.

At present

At present, I’m bootstrapping Fueler with my team. It's currently self-funded (we haven’t raised any external capital to build our product). We work as a consultant and freelancers to build and grow Fueler. Yes, very much difficult but not impossible. We are trying our best everyday to survive through and extend our runway for one more month.

I feel startups are crazy, it builds you as a person in the least possible time. I believe it is about compressing 20 years of a journey into 5 years. It is going to be the most ambitious years of your life. But coming from a small town, situations, people, support, and a lot more things are quite different for me and our team.

But does it all stop us from building a world-class startup? No. Not a single point in time. I know I just have to keep trying and keep going. Because, it’s not just about me, it's about our team fueler, it’s going to be about million others who are going to believe in themselves when chasing their dreams like us.

A bit about Fueler

Fueler is an online platform to help an individual their proof of work and land better opportunities in their careers. Fueler is going to be a platform where you can discover, and collaborate with generalist Individuals.

Fueler represents individuality, it’s about a skilled person who is capable of making a difference when they work with you. Fuelers are the passionate, the curious, the hacker, the hipster, and the builders of the ever-changing world needs.

Our goal is to help individuals become invincible, unbeatable, and unstoppable in their careers. We are on a mission to help 1 million freshers land their first opportunity with proof of work.

So, what made us start Fueler?

To be honest, we really hated the process of getting hired and the process of selection to work at at a company or a startup. You are good at X but instead of improving your game at “X”, we are preparing from aptitude and some random interviews which a lot of times, don't add any value.

The existing interview process does so injustice to the talents, to the creatives who wants to be judged based on what they can do instead of how much they can score in the exams. The real test of knowledge for an individual is their creation (whatever they have created) and how they are able to put it in front of the world.

We started out as a small team, have no pedigree education background, no experience working with big-shot startups, but had a passion for education, career, and the intent to help other individuals like us.

If you are reading this, most probably you have found this link from Twitter. And Twitter is one of the reasons we have an amazing community today. It makes me really happy to connect with folks creating content, networking, and building social capital on Twitter. If you are one of them, massive respect for you.

Lastly, I’m mostly active on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s connect, I’d love to know about you.

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